What is Giving Back

Giving Back is a non-profit charity for the good people of Saint Louis. We belive that there isn't much light shed upon the people who live in the downtown area. over here, we live comfortable lives while there is a totally different world on the other side. We partner with Project Downtown Saint Louis in order to make Saint Louis better.

Giving Back Logo

How Will You Help The Downtown Area

We decided that in order to run a successful charity you need awareness. Instead of just running around and asking people for help, we are selling t-shirts with all profits going to charity. It is the most impactful way because we get donations and spread awareness.

Who Are We

We are just kids trying to make a difference in our community. Both of us have lived in Saint Louis and love it. We only want to make it better. We believe that Saint Louis is trapped in a division of two worlds. One world is in poverty while the other world is buried in wealth. We think that the wealthy side should help its fellow Saint Louis. We are both in eighth grade and are hungry for solution. I (the writer) and Ethan Geiger